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Korotenko Grigoriy Mikhailovich
professor of the Department


Position: professor of the department of geoinformation systems.

Other positions: deputy of manager by a department, responsible in receiving commission of NMU from geological survey faculty for the transition of students from a 4th course to 5th.

Scientific rank: Associate Professor.

Graduate degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Cabinet: 1/79

Educational work

Professor Korotenko G.M.. teaches disciplines: Informatics (Computer science), Informatics and processing of geological data, Computer office technologies, Programming technology and software products creation, GIS in the territory management, Spatial analysis and modeling in geoinformation (GIS) technologies, Software product certification and standardization, Licensing and patent activity.

Scientific activity

A basic area of scientific activity is ecological safety. Professor Korotenko conducts works on next directions:

  • ontologies in the tasks of ecological safety;
  • application of the Multi-agent systems is in the ecological monitoring;
  • geoinformation methods of modeling and research of geosystems.

2 competitors work under the direction of professor orotenko.

By the end of 2011 year 111 scientific articles and 12 learning editions is published. Including: six methodical pointing on specialities of GIS department, two textbooks (one of them, ratified MONMSU as a textbook for Institutions of higher learning of Ukraine, became a winner VI-th of the Regional competition in a nomination the "Best scientific, educational, learning and artistically-publicism editions" in 2006) and four trains (educational supplies) (all are ratified MONMSU as train aid for Institutions of higher learning of Ukraine) that is sanctified to the problems of penetration in the spheres of development on the modern stage of informatics and geoinformatics, these areas of knowledge examined from the point of view of interdisciplinary approach, that requires the corresponding going near a comprehension and teaching of features of the multilevel abstractions models and terms generated by them.


It was born in 1948. In 1971 made off the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Engineers of Railway Transport (DIIT, now the Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport the name of academician V.Lazarian). Upon completion DIIT worked on speciality in Management of the Pridneprovskaya railway, then studied in post-graduate and worked in Institute of cybernetics of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine (NASU, Kyiv, 1971-1980), from 1980 to 1991 worked in Institute of technical mechanics NASU. Associate professor department of geoinformation (2003), doctor of engineering sciences (2010), professor of GIS department (2010). Works in NMU from 1999. Experience of scientifically-pedagogical work 12 years.

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