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Sergieieva Kateryna Leonidivna

Assistant Lecturer

Position: Assistant Lecturer.

E-mail: sergeeva.jpg

Room: 1/79, 4/55

Educational Activities

Teaches "Modeling of economic, ecological and social processes", "GIS in the tasks of monitoring", "Geostatistics", "Image processing and pattern recognition", "Probability theory, probabilistic processes and mathematical statistics", "Professional-oriented English"

Scientific Activities

Development of new methods and geoinformation technology of landscape state analysis of mining regions using Earth remote sensing materials.

Research supervisor: prof. Busygin B.S.


Born in 1985 in Dnipropetrovs'k. Graduated from National Mining University in Computer ecological and economical monitoring (2007). Postgraduate studies: 2007-2010 at the GIS department. Works as Assistant Lecturer at the GIS department since 2007.

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