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05.04.2013 Journey - is always positive emotions
I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend six weeks working with the Foreign Language Department at the National Mining University. The English program at NMU is absolutely amazing. I am particularly impressed with the high quality of the teaching staff. The English teachers are outstanding in their knowledge of English and in their methodology in teaching the language.

02.04.2013 Mr. Klaus Zillikens, Consul-General of Germany in Donetsk, has paid a visit of friendship to the National Mining University

02.04.2013 The Program Tempus is being successfully developed in the National Mining University.
The Program Tempus is an educational program of the European Union that supports modernization of the higher education system and facilitates cooperation of the EU partner countries. Tempus finances university cooperation in the area of educational programs development and improvement, university management, the interaction of academics with the community, partnership of science and business, as well as structural reforms in the higher education .

26.03.2013 NMU Students explore the soft drink market
The Language training center provides NMU students with high-quality and multilevel training to learn English. Specifically, teachers who are native speakers visit NMU to teach students and conduct seminars and courses.

26.02.2013 Conference on Education and Research Cooperation between Norway and Ukraine
On February 27, 2013 the Embassy of Ukraine in Oslo in cooperation with Norwegian partners arranges a Conference on Education and Research cooperation between Norway and Ukraine.

25.02.2013 About National Mining University

22.02.2013 Last news of NMU (Video)
What interesting things happened at the National Mining University during the last winter month?

12.02.2013 Rare editions in Latin and old German became available in an electronic library of NMU
February 12, in IA "Most-Dnipro" took place the press conference "Rare editions in Latin and old German became available in an electronic library of NMU ", which was attended by Director of the Library of NMU Olga Nefedova, head of the Library department Tatiana Nedaivoda and  Senior Librarian of NMU Larissa Lozdan.

19.11.2012 Freshman day at NMU
Six teams of 10 members each competed, demonstrating a high level of singing, dancing and acting.

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