Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time
Postgraduate study and doctoral studies

On chair preparation of graduate students on two specialties is carried out:

- "Information technologies" 05.13.06;

- "Geophysics" 04.00.22.

Reception in postgraduate study and doctoral studies is carried out once a year according to the plan of reception approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, youth and sports of Ukraine.

Drafts of plans of reception in postgraduate study and doctoral studies by the state order are developed by department, approved as the dean and are provided in postgraduate study and doctoral studies department annually till December 1, for further consideration and the statement the Ministry of Education and Science of youth and sports of Ukraine.

Preparation in postgraduate study and doctoral studies is carried out for the account:

- means of the State budget of Ukraine by the state order for work in education;

- means of legal entities and individuals on terms of the contract for work in the state and non-state sectors of a national economy.

Entrance examinations in postgraduate study (in the specialty, to philosophy and a foreign language) are accepted after the solution of a selection committee on the admission to examinations, and pass in the terms determined by a selection committee (as a rule, from September 20 to October 20).

Enrollment takes place since November 1. Persons who in whole or in part passed candidate examinations, are exempted from delivery of the corresponding entrance examinations in postgraduate study.

To the persons allowed to delivery of entrance examinations in postgraduate study with a separation or on the job, additional holiday with salary preservation in a work place for preparation and delivery of entrance examinations at the rate of 10 days on one examination is given.

To each of graduate students at transfer the research supervisor from the staff of doctors of science, professors or candidates of science, docents (according to the solution of the Academic council of university) is appointed. The research supervisor advises the graduate student on a scientific perspective, supervises implementation of the approved individual plan by it and bears a personal responsibility for quality of performance of dissertation work. The graduate student works according to the individual plan, periodically reports about its performance at faculty meeting and is annually

certified by the research supervisor and department(during the period from October 1 to October 25).

Today on department are trained 5 competitors: Grishchenko E.V. (theme "Assessment of Ecological Safety of a Condition of Reservoirs with Use of Data of Remote Sensing of Earth"), Komissar A.V. (theme"Assessment of Decrease in Level of Harmful Emissions at Application of Sources of Nonconventional Power in Densely Populated Districts of the Cities"), Korobko O. V. (a work theme "Technology of processing of space pictures for increase of efficiency of procedures of the lineamentny analysis"), Lyubchenko M. A. (theme "Monitoring of Dynamics of a Condition of Water Objects of Ukraine on Materials of Remote Sensing of Earth"), Ivanov D. V. (dissertation "An assessment of a condition of vegetable and soil covers of South East Ukraine according to remote sensing of Earth").

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