Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

What we teach our students

We teach only the disciplines, that are modern and in demand in the market:

For programmers:

- Computer graphics

- Computer-generated imagery

- Operating systems

- Technologies of information security

- Technology of creation of software products

- Internet/Intranet technologies

- Image identification

- Computer networks

- Economy and business

- Web-design

For land surveyors:

- Internet-cartography

- Geoinformation technologies in cadastral systems

- Processing of satellite pictures

- Management of territories

- Computer office technologies

- Geointelligence systems and databases

- Municipal land scheduling

- Management of GIS-projects

- Information security and information security

- English, focused on the profession.

and many other things!

Our graduate land surveyors know computer technologies perfectly, and our programmers desired employees in any land use-planning organization!

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