Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Why it is worth studying at the
Department of Geoinformation systems

We prepare specialists who are at the crossroads of two very demanded directions - computer and cadastral!

In all University only the Department of Geoinformation systems has three required computer classes.

Our lectures are made according to the advanced knowledge and achievements of the modern world.

The Department of Geoinformation systems is one of the most computerized in the Dnieper region. 90% of all practical classes are performed with use of the modern computer systems and technologies.

About a half of our students find work in their specialty after their studies.

We give a broad range of knowledge; therefore our graduates can work everywhere that has computers from travel companies to building companies, from Pershotravensk and Pavlograd to Singapore and New York.

Our department is a major supplier of personnel for land management organizations in Dnepropetrovsk - regional management of land resources, city and state municipal enterprise "Zemgrad", Land management of city council.

Our graduates successfully work in world computer giants - Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun.

Our graduates are hired by the largest banks VTB, Privatbank, Sberbank of Russia as heads of the computer departments.

According to polls, 90% of our graduates are grateful to the Department of Geoinformation systems for the knowledge received, and 70% consider the years spent at the Department, the best in their life.

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