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The first graduation of the Department of GIS (then it was called as "Geoinformatics Department"), in the specialty 8.080401 "Information Control Systems and Technologies" (specialization - "Geographic Information Systems and Technologies"), was in 2001 (the group GIS-96-1).

It was the most successful group (Lobko D.Y., Poyanskiy D.I., Ryzhkov K.A. and Shipkin S.V.) which theses inspired the organization "State Enterprise" management the Center of the state land registry of Dnepropetrovsk to create Department of system development and, naturally, to invite them at it in full strength. But time goes, experts grow and they want the solution of new tasks, achievement of new heights. Therefore from this group grew:

1. The Head of IT-department of the "Kryvorizhstal" plant;

2. System administrator of the "Eve" shops;

3. The Head of the programmers group of Dnipropetrovsk regional branch of the State Enterprise "The Center of State Land Cadastre at Gorkomzem of Ukraine ";

4. System Administrator in "Privatbank" etc.

Some students of the department studied in parallel in foreign universities, for example, Zavgorodnyaya S.V. (GIS-97-1), has been finished the National Mining University and Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany.

As a whole, among the organizations in which our experts works are:

• ECOMM Co. (official representative of ESRI, USA) (Kiev)

• Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute (Kiev)

• Institute of geotechnical mechanics of M.S. Polyakov of NAN of Ukraine

• Municipal committee of the Dnepropetrovsk city executive committee

• NVMKP "Center of Urban Planning, Architecture and inventory"

• Dnepropetrovsk municipal government of land resources

• City municipal enterprise "Zemgrad"

• KP "Yuzhukrgeologiya"

• the departments of NMU as teachers and so on.

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