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Scientific activity of students 

      GIS Department holds annual scientific conference on geographic information systems and technology, and "Days of students 'science', which has two section" Geographic Information Systems and Technology "," Computer ecological and economic monitoring. " 

Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція «Геоінформаційні системи, комп'ютерні технології еколого-економічного моніторингу, ГІСКТЕЕМ - 2014»

Міжнародна науково-технічна конференція «Геоінформаційні системи, комп'ютерні технології еколого-економічного моніторингу, ГІСКТЕЕМ - 2016»

      Below is a list of abstracts of papers presented at the conference master of GIS Department:


 1. Sprogis P.M. The segmentation of the spatial data in GIS RAPID.

 2. Larina T.O. Simulation modeling of the flood zone of Dnepropetrovsk.

3. Derevianko V.O. Processing and analysis of segmentation geoimages in the GIS environment  RAPID.

4. Genbom N.G. Forecasting trends in monitoring indicators regions using clustering.

5. Motsak I.O. Recovery indicators of ecological and economic methods of monitoring regions of space-time geostatistics.

6. Lysun K.V. The integrated analysis of inequality regions according to socio-economic monitoring.

7. Fedotkin E.V. Research and realization of the objective clustering algorithms.

8. Martyniuk N.O. Prediction indicators for monitoring region of methods  nonlinear dynamics.

9. Mosinzova Y.V. Studies operational methods for solving unsteady differential equations of  and analysis  transfer of pollutants in the atmosphere.

10. Demyanenko D.O. GIS analysis and assessment of the natural resources of the state-Dneprovsko Orel Reserve.

11. Bondarenko O.V.  Analysis of the impact of environmental and economic risk on ESE indicators Pridneprovsk region.

12. Babenko O.I.  Providing information and analytical support asset management DSO in the use of energy resources.

13. Khoroshylova L.S. Detecting anomalies on the Earth's surface using multispectral scanner Landsat-7 ETM +.

14. Leuschenko O.O. Geoinformation technology of large-scale data processing  in problems environmental and economic monitoring.

15. Ostromskaya T.S.  Classification of land cover according hyperspectral survey.

16. Garasyuta A.S.  Research methods of acquiring knowledge of intellectual system decision-making in the environment Visual Prolog.

17. Sidorov E.M. The study of methods of recognition of climbing routes on 3D plan rocky terrain.

18. Fedchun T.M. Monitoring trends in car sales in Dnepropetrovsk for the analysis and forecasting of demand from buyers.

19. Volovychenko V.Y.  Studying the properties of planar location characteristics in the analysis of remote sensing.



1.     Beskrovny V.S.  Method of constructing three-dimensional variogrammnye dependency sets of geological data.

2.     Sobko O.M. Geoinformation analysis of urban building up Dnipropetrovsk.

3.     Plonkina D.I.  Efficiency of different recognition methods in solving geological problems.

4.     Mikheev O.H.  Simulation fragment DSS using software agents in the tasks of risk management.

5.     Parshutina K.S.  Prediction of bank failures, according to monitoring their financial activities.

6.     Nebosenko T.V.  Development of a method of segmentation data classification types of terrestrial coverage multispectral satellite imagery.

7.      Ismailov N.B.  Development of technology for monitoring fires, according to scanner Terra MODIS.

     8. Ochakovskyy G.S.  Information technology analysis of urban development.

 9. Lebed S.V. Simulation of a landslide using cellular automata.

 10. Haydina A.Y. Modeling of atmospheric pollution from mobile sources.

 11. Polyakh L.V. Analysis and design of fuzzy algorithms for selecting features in pattern recognition.

 12. Klyuk T.I. Creating a model repository for XML documents that contain spatial data.

 13. Luhtay M.K. Information technology for social and hygienic monitoring Dnipropetrovsk region.

 14. Bilyk O.V. Analysis of the relationship between indicators of ecological and socio-economic  monitoring regions.

15. Rogovaya  K.O. Generating new knowledge for environmental and socio-economic audit of the regions according to the statistical yearbook of Dnipropetrovsk region.


1. Bardadymova A.G.  The integrated analysis of the dynamics of inequality regions of Ukraine in terms of fertility.

2. Vlasov S.A. Integro-differential forecasting growth in population size using the model of fractional dimension.

3. Yenakiyevo A.G. Modelling electricity consumption based on relationships monitoring regions.

4. Lapenko T.A. Score relative age difference of lineament systems allocated to satellite images.

5. Leleka Y.S. Defining risk in "hot spots" Dnipro basin near Dnepropetrovsk.

6. Matsepura D.A. Developing algorithms improve methods classification of multispectral high-resolution satellite imagery.

7. Nazarenko M.V Clustering based on fuzzy relationships between objects.

8. Pedko A.A. Development of fuzzy algorithms for selecting features in the problem of discriminant analysis.

9. Smirnova O.V.   Fuzzy forecasting algorithm performance monitoring regions.

10. Podhvatilina Y.V.  Creating a piece of modeling the dynamics of traffic flow.

11. Shatokhin V.O.  Automatic processing and publication of satellite imagery for mapping server.

12. Yenakieve A.G.  Analysis of key indicators of activities of Ukraine's electricity.


In addition, the results of student research, obtained under the supervision of the Department of GIS, submitted annually to the following research conferences:

 International Conference "Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects", Kiev;

International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Man and Space", section "Remote monitoring of the Earth";

International scientific-practical conference "Modern information technologies in transport, industry and education", Dnepropetrovsk;

International scientific-practical conference "Problems of natural resources, sustainable development and technological security areas";

International scientific-practical conference "Mathematical and software of intelligent systems", Dnepropetrovsk;

Interuniversity Scientific Conference "Foreign Language as a means of mobility in the context of future professionals of the Bologna Declaration", Krivoy Rog;

International Students Forum "Expanding Horizons", Dnepropetrovsk;

Interuniversity Scientific Conference of Young Scientists' Science and Technology: Perspectives XXI century ", etc.

    Masters students are encouraged to participate in the research department in frames of international projects, including:

 "The technology landscape analysis of technologically-laden regions using satellite imagery" (2009, a group of IS-04)

"Geo-information technology analysis of thermal anomalies coalfields based on remote sensing of the Earth" (2010, a group of IP-05, KM-05, GIS-05);

     The works were carried out on the basis of the grant Training and Education Centre (TEC) "Persistence of geotechnical systems: processes, effects, risks"

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