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Areas of scientific research

Design and development of complex specialized GIS;

GIS-technologies in the Internet;

Creation of systems of artificial intelligence and designing of decision support systems;

3-D modeling in GIS;

Mathematical modeling and designing of complex technical systems;

Geoinformation methods of modeling and research of geosystems;

Inductive methods of modeling;

GIS analysis and geo-referenced modeling;

Data Mining of monitoring of regions;

Image processing and pattern recognition, including satellite images;

Assessment technologies of available areas using complex of geological and geophysical data and remote sensing data;

Analysis of the landscape of mining regions.

According to the specified areas of scientific researches, department staff carries out state budgetary and state contractual research projects which are presented in the table.


Number and the theme name


Development of concepts and principles of aggregation based on pattern recognition methods


Selection of research direction according to
perspectives of gold-bearing in the Archean greenstone complex


Development of concepts and principles of interpretation and decision making with using expert knowledge


The development of methods of integration of surface and downhole observations


The development of geological-geophysical search criteria of gold in the Archaean greenstone structures of the Dnieper craton


Development of theoretical principles of interpretation and creation of the computerized technology of prediction and search operations on a complex surface and downhole geological-geophysical observations


Developing and improving methods of integration of disparate geological and geophysical data


Development of algorithmic and methodological facilities and software of description of the spatial structure of the fields and construction of solid models of advanced areas


Creation of computer technology of building solid models of advanced areas based on complex analysis of diverse geological-geophysical data


Development of methodology of sharing of raster and vector information for decision-making in assessing of suboptimal geological situations


Scientific substantiation and development of the concept of geographic information systems and technology in the mining industry


Assessment of the prospects of Ziaetdinskiy gold field through using of new computer geoinformation technologies and construction of prediction maps

2004 - 2006


Three-dimensional computer modeling of advanced sections of Ziaetdinskiy ore field with using of geological-geophysical materials and satellite imagery

2003 - 2004

Development of scientific bases of geoinformation support of ecological and economic monitoring of mining regions.


Modeling of ecological processes development in the regions of Ukraine based on updated databases for the purpose to develop and support management decisions

2004 - 2005

Development of theory and methods of the neural network classification of texture images at the remote sensing of the Earth

2005 - 2006

Development of methodological and theoretical foundations and creation of methods for describing the structure of geological-geophysical maps


Report on the state budget scientific research of studying of facilities and methods of three-dimensional representation and analysis of spatially distributed data

2006 - 2007

Increasing the sensitivity of segmentation of low contrast images of the earth surface based on multivariate adaptive clustering methods

2007 - 2008

Creation of theoretical bases and methods of computer analysis terrain maps of different origin

2008 - 2010

Intelligent computer technologies of data processing, prediction and management

2009 - 2010


Development of GIS technology of integrated analysis of heterogeneous and multi-level data in geological and geo-ecological research

2010 - 2012

Geoinformation technology of monitoring coal fires according to satellite imagery

The scientists developed a GIS department, unique in its functional component software package, which includes:

Unique software package was developed by scientists of the department of GIS. The package includes:

Geographic information system RAPID GIS for prediction and decision support in environmental management, ecology, exploration activities and emergency situations;

Geographic Information System CONTOUR, whose main task is providing software tools of visualization of geological data, executing spatial analysis, and using of automated methods for creation three-dimensional models of geological objects.

Within the state budgetary theme "Simulation of development of ecological processes in Ukraines regions based on updated databases with the purpose of developing and supporting managerial decisions" (customer The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine) in geoinformation system indicators database of ecological monitoring of regions of Ukraine for 1985-2003 was created (main executors prof. B.S.Busygin, prof. L.V.Sarycheva, a graduate student A.V.Kachanov). Intelligent analysis of indicators of ecological and socio-economic monitoring was carried out for creation the atlas of permanent development of Ukraine regions. Atlas of sustainable development of Ukraine regions was developed based on geoinformation, data mining and geo-referenced modeling of indicators (WEB-version and GIS-version). The atlas includes models that show the dynamics of changes of indicators, synthetic models, thematic maps, models of allocation of anomalies of regional development, etc.

The work introduced in the management of ecological monitoring of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. The electronic Atlas of permanent development of Ukraine regions is available in the INTERNET for wide circle of users.

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