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Garkusha Igor Mykolaiovych
Associate Professor

Position: Associate Professor of GIS.

Other positions: deputy of manager by a department for academic affairs.

Scientific rank: Associate Professor.

Scientific degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences.

E-mail: garik.jpg

Cabinet: 1/79

Educational work

Associate Professor Garkusha teaches discipline: "Operating Systems", "Computer Network", "Application Programming (component-oriented programming)", "Processing and interpretation of aerospace images", "Remote sensing", "Design and operation of GIS," "Planning and management of GIS projects", "Professional functions and tasks of the expert".

Scientific activity

Main directions of scientific activity scientific and practical research into the automation of various tasks of modeling of mineral deposits, development of GIS and the use of remote sensing of Earth from space to monitor man-made human activity in the environment. Under the leadership of Associate Professor Department of Garkusha masters are conducting research on the following areas:

design of complex specialized GIS;

image processing, in particular the aerospace;

methods of automating interpretation of various objects by satellite data;

integration of GIS and satellite data;

data reduction and analysis of space imagery;

three-dimensional modeling in GIS;

data reduction and analysis tools operating systems and networks.

During his work at NMU has 41 publication, 33 of them scientific, including 14 scientific publications, a certificate of registration of copyright in a work, and 8 methodological papers used in the learning process.

Other activity

The introduction of innovative technologies in the department. Analysis of Open Source products in teaching and research activities.


He was born in 1974. In 1993 he graduated with honors from the College of Dnepropetrovsk radiopriborostroitelny specialty "Construction of radio hardware". In 1998 he graduated with honors from the Dnepropetrovsk State University, majoring in "Computer and Intelligent Systems and Networks". Works in NMU from 1998. PhD (2007), Associate Professor (2011). Experience of scientific and educational work for 15 years.

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