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Sarycheva Ludmila Vissarionovna
Professor of the GIS Department

Position: Professor of GIS department.

Other positions: Deputy Head of Department on Science.

Scientific rank: Associate Professor.

Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Phone.: 0562-46-99-19

E-mail: sarycheval.jpg

Cabinet: 1/79

Educational work

Professor Sarycheva L.V. teaches "GIS in the asks of monitoring", "Modeling of economic, ecological and social processes", "Discrete mathematics", "Computer support of decision-making", "Probability theory, probabilistic processes and mathematical statistics", "Decision-making under uncertainty", "Professional functions and problems of masters"

Scientific activity

The basic area of scientific activity is modelling. Professor Sarycheva heads works in the following directions:

· Intelligent analysis of region monitoring data;

· Modeling of economic, ecological and social processes;

· Inductive methods of modeling;

· Recognition of images and clusterization;

· GIS-analysis and geoiconic modeling.

Professor Sarycheva heads the works of 2 post-graduate students

During the work in the NMU Professor Sarycheva published 119 scientific works, 4 monographies are published (two of them - on image recognition, the other two - on mathematical and geoinformation support of computer ecological and economic monitoring of regions), manuals on combination theory, field theory, the set theory, probability theory.


Born in 1957, finished the Dnepropetrovsk National University (those years - the Dnepropetrovsk State University) in 1979. After graduation from DNU three years worked in the Fund of algorithms and programs (DNU). Works in NMU since 1982, at first on Higher Mathematics Department, since 1996 - on GIS Department. The candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (1993), the senior lecturer (1995), the professor of GIS Department (2005). The experience of scientific and pedagogical work is 33 years.

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